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At we do Custom Mission Trips!  Every Mission Trip we do is Customised for each group.  We try to match the groups skill sets to the needs on the ground.  We want the group and the missionary on the ground to get the most out of your trip!  We do not want to just send you out!  We want to make sure your trip makes a difference. We want your team to have an impact!

We do Small Group Mission Trips and Large Group Mission Trips. We are flexible and can do things like College Student Mission Trips, Spring Break Mission Trips, and even Family Mission Trips! Some people are looking for a Vacation With A Purpose. BOOM! We can do that!

In Matthew 28:19 the Bible Tells us: Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.  This is not a suggestion it is an order.  When people think about Missions, they think about missionary and missionaries.  With Short-Term mission trips, you can become a Short-Term missionary.  You can GO!

This is where is here to help!

We also do Orphan Mission Trips. This is very rewarding and is good for teams that do not have the skill set to do construction or street ministry. Orphanage Mission Trips are good for Family Mission Trips and other Small Group Mission Trips.

Your Custom Mission Trip allows you to customize your service. You pick the type of ministry your team will do. From Construction Mission Trips, VBS Mission Trips, Street Ministry Mission Trips, Sports Clinic Mission Trips. Some people with do Construction in the morning and do VBS at night. Some want to only work with Orphans. We work with your skill set, and sometimes we will hire local contractors that will help you complete tasks.

Every mission trip is custom fit to your trams needs, skill set, and mission experience. Construction, Painting, Clean-Up, VBS, Street Evangelism, Musical Program, Puppet Shows, Orphanage Ministry or Church Ministry, you pick how you want to share Jesus.

You can go on your own CUSTOM MISSION TRIP!  Contact us and we will help you make it happen!

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